3rd base are at present looking to form business ‘partnerships’ with organisations within the community and corporate sectors.   Our vision, aims, image and programmes will provide a positive investment return for your organisation through our unique approach, professional delivery and positive community interaction that is the core of our organisations message; ‘kaha tangata, kaha toa, kaha iwi – ‘strong person, strong athlete, strong communities.’  

Our Aims 

  1. To engage and involve community in sport, health and recreation
  2. To effect a positive change through sport, health and recreation
  3. To deliver healthy outcomes through sport, health and recreation

By providing structured, professionally run programmes and a fun learning environment the benefits to the individual as outlined above can be immense and the positive impact on the community significant.

  1. 3rd base are establishing themselves as a unique sports coaching, development and marketing company with the capacity to deliver their programmes in the school, club, community and corporate environments.
  1. 3rd base have just completed their first season with teams participating in the Netball Waitakere 2011 winter competition which is the beginning of our club Touch Point Programme that will see the development of our organisation competing in local competitions in various sports.
  1. 3rd base are at present developing and will soon be delivering in the Te Tai Tokerau (Northland) region their Touch Point programmes to school and community.  There is a huge opportunity for the introduction of structured, professionally delivered sporting programmes in this provincial area.   Our Rookie Ball programme will be the first of these to be launched summer 2011.
  1. 3rd base’s existing partners provide opportunities for any new investors to further promote and enhance their product or service through already established networks by being part of 3rd base.  The 3rd base website www.3rdbase.co.nz also allows exposure through links for already established partners and website links for all new investors as well as uniform signage exposure.

3rd base will provide a unique marketing platform for your company through positive well managed and structured business acumen and delivery that will have a positive impact on individuals and communities.

At this stage we are looking at establishing partnerships with individuals or organisations through sponsorship opportunities with the initial focus being on but not limited to, the following:

  • Sponsorship of Individual Programmes ie Rookie Ball - Individual sponsorship of each programme.   Sponsorship would give naming rights to each programme including all marketing and promotional material and tee shirt sponsorship for each participant, coach and umpire. 
  • In Schools Programme sponsorship - individual sponsorship of a school and or school cluster.   Sponsorship would give naming rights to each programme including all marketing and promotional material. 

Sponsorship could involve cash, products and/or services and in return 3rd base will work with your organisation to enhance your image, public awareness and strategic business objectives through our unique community based programmes and initiatives.

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