In Schools Softball programme

Offering professional, structured programmes with the following benefits to the individual and school:

  1. Sessions available in school and after school as required
  2. Offered to all ability levels
  3. One off sessions or term programme available – costs structured accordingly as below
  4. Professionalism - Delivery of structured sports programmes by experienced sports people
  1. Top quality training equipment in association with The Dugout/Easton Softball
  1. High-Skill level development – 3rd base has the capacity to develop participants skill levels to compete at all levels
  2. Professional Development sessions available to teachers and coaches
  3. 3rd base allows schools, pupils and parents access to high-calibre, passionate sports professionals

We will work with you in order to provide a high quality sporting programme that suits your needs.

The costs of our programmes are based on the following criteria but are by no means absolute:


  • Cost includes travel and set up – approximate ‘hands on’ session length 1hour 30 minutes
  • Minimum of 2 coaches per session
  • Maximum of 20 athletes per session
  • We supply all training equipment excluding gloves.  We have the best mobile training clinic and equipment available in New Zealand
  • Specialised sessions available eg: Pitcher/Catcher – Batting

Costings: All prices include GST

One off Sessions

  • Cost per session:  $253.25
  • Total per athlete: (based on 20 participants)   $  12.65

On Going Programme

  • Based on 8 weeks per term – 1 session per week   $1,760.00
  • Per session    $   220.00
  • Cost per athlete per 8 weeks (based on 20 participants) $     88.00
  • Cost per athlete per session   $  11.00

3rd base are an independent organisation whose primary aim is to provide high quality training and coaching in a professional, structured environment.   We are working in partnership with the Auckland Softball Association as a key training and coaching provider within the New Zealand softball community.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we can work towards implementing our 3rd base programme within your school community and provide the very best of opportunities for your pupils to develop their sporting talents.   A programme that will add value to the individual, the team, the school, and ultimately to the wider community.

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