Excellence:to be better than before; not settling for mediocrity; doing the best you can; being accountable; adding value’

3rd base is an organisation committed to the growth of the individual; physically, spiritually and mentally, through sport.   The measure for this growth is ‘excellence’.   Excellence; wanting to be better, not settling for mediocrity.  Excellence can be applied to all individuals at all levels. From ‘grass routes/entry level through to the elite athletes, achieving excellence at each stage will ultimately lead to increased standards and performance, therefore higher performance at all levels.    The individual is not only the participant/player, but also the coaches/teachers, family/whanau and community/iwi.   Each ‘team’ is made up of individuals and each individual is part of a ‘team’.   One will not prosper and ultimately succeed without the other.   

By providing the necessary structures and programs for delivery we believe that 3rd base can guide, encourage and increase both attitude and physical capacity with regards to excellence on and off the field.   ‘Strength is not just in the physical capacity but an indomitable will’.

  • Adding value at each and every opportunity
  • Being an excellent you the ultimate goal. Achieving excellence at all levels the ultimate reward.
  • Wanting to work hard when people are watching and even harder when they are not!  Creating opportunity for this to take place.
  • ‘Ready to quit? – Go another 10 minutes because someone, somewhere has just given up!’



Spartakiade - Athlete Development