Our Kowhaiwhai was presented by Gordon Toi, He Tohu O Te Wa, and a member of Marty’s whanau. The kowhaiwhai is representative of Marty’s whakapapa, Iwi and Hapu from the Hokianga and brings a personalised identity and strength to our organisation unique to us.

Whakamaoritanga - Explanation

Niho taniwha: Teeth on outside of kowhaiwhai

Provide protection to our whakahaere (organisation) and all that is sacred to us, our vision, people and kaupapa

Puhoro: large koru(swirl)

Symbolises the three waves of knowledge from Hokianga mythology:

Ngaru nui:

The big wave. Our vision from the outset of our journey. The ideas, dreams and drive that started us on our journey

Ngaru roa:

The long wave. Represents our journey with regards to implementing our vision. The hui (meetings), korero (talks), and implementation of partnerships, systems, ideas and people to deliver our vision

Ngaru paewhenua:

The wave that brought the waka (canoe) onto the shore The delivery and relisation of our vision

Koru: small swirl

Symbolises our vision, ‘kaha tangata, kaha toa, kaha iwi’ as well as representing the three wahine (women) in Marty’s life

Karu: eye of the killer whale

Symbolises the kera wera (killer whale) renown for their presence in the waters of the Hokianga Harbour and providing their strength and wisdom to our vision, people and kaupapa
Spartakiade - Athlete Development