3rd base Netball Enrichment Programme

The 3rd base Netball Enrichment Programme (NEP) has been developed specifically to cater for the primary education sector (Primary and Intermediate) areas. This area is known as the Kiwi and Future Ferns competition. Both these competitions are recognised as ‘Kiwi Sports’ and are endorsed as such by Netball New Zealand. Developments from the standard game have been made in order to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for all participants and allow them to gain an appreciation for all positions and the varied skills required
The Kiwi Sport philosophy aims to:
  • Improve the quality, quantity and variety of activities
  • Encourage participation and skill development
  • Reduce the emphasis on ‘win at all costs’ and promote enjoyable and satisfying games
  • Promote the principles of good sporting behaviour
3rd base In Schools Enrichment Programmes are done in school time and involve 1 session per week of skills and fitness work as well as some simple strategic explanations and solutions with the focus being on developing the player to be the best they can be. Each programme runs for approximately 8 weeks dependant on school term length etc. 3rd base will supply all equipment as required.
The programme focuses on:
  1. Skill levels - individual and team
  2. Fitness - basic requirements and ideas
  3. Nutrition - basic facts
  4. Team dynamics
  5. Fun

Coaching the Coaches:

Our ‘Practical Sessions in Coaching Netball’ programme has been developed in order to cover the basic fundamentals required for the new coach and or coach with limited experience to the game of netball and would prove an invaluable tool for new ‘parent coaches’ within the school and club environment. The course covers both theory and practical sessions of approximately 2 hours per session. The programme will give the participant the basic skill set required to coach these groups and also hopefully the confidence to explore their own ‘spin’ on what they see as being required within their own teams skill set, development levels and team goals. There will be a maximum of 10 persons per session. A course book will be included in the programme which will be a great resource for your ‘coaching career’.

Umpiring Courses:

A basic foundation of ‘How to’ umpire netball ideal for new coaches and parents. Courses are run over 3 sessions and incorporate basic ‘How to’ skills covering both theory and practical aspects of the game for those wanting to pursue the umpire pathway or just wanting to up skill as part of their coaching career. The 3rd base coaching philosophy emphasises the need for coaching the simple things well and allowing the athletes to perform the same. This should be the foundation of any good coaching programme and environment.
Spartakiade - Athlete Development