In Schools Programme

At 3rd base we recognise the realities of the current teaching/educational environment and the impact that it has on the professionals delivering the required programmes.  You cannot buy more time but you can implement strategies to best use the available time by redistribution and introduction of resources.  3rd base is one such strategy that will add value to any school programme by providing a professional, quality sports enrichment programme that enables educators to spend more time on their core business of ‘teaching’ without the time consuming ‘distraction’ of organisation, delivery and coaching of sports within that same environment.   3rd base are not another ‘programme’ to be forced on teachers who are already overworked but rather offer a unique approach to the school sporting programme and all of it’s idiosyncrasies.

There have been many advances within the school curriculum with regards to core curriculum subjects over the past 15 years but the sporting programme has, in the main, remained a legacy of a bygone era with regards to its delivery, marketing, management and ability to keep pace with these other areas.   Sports is now a serious ‘business’ both within schools and the general community and a strong sports programme can have a huge impact on a school and it’s wider community as well as the overall profile and appeal of that school to prospective ‘clients’.   It is no coincidence that many so called ‘top schools’ have, in general very good and in most cases outstanding sports programmes.      

3rd base are pioneering their In Schools Enrichment Programme and as such your school could be one of the leaders with regards to such an innovative programme and in turn show your school and wider community your commitment to being a progressive institute at the forefront of the educational arena, an institute of distinction.  We offer professional, skilled, and fun programmes that will add value to the individual, the team, the school, and ultimately to the wider community.   The programmes can be adapted to fit the individual needs of the school.

Coaching Enrichment Programmes:

  1. Developed to work within the school curriculum during school hours.
  2. Offered to selected group of pupils.
  3. Run for minimum of 1 term depending on term length and curriculum requirements.
  4. Professionalism - Delivery of structured sports programmes by experienced sports people
  5. High-Skill level development – 3rd base has the capacity to develop participants skill levels to compete at all levels.
  6. 3rd base allows parents and schools access to high-calibre sports professionals

Development and Management Programme:

Providing assistance with the management, development and marketing of the school sports programme. This would provide the school with a separate professional identity that could assist with coaching, selection and management issues as well as possible marketing and funding opportunities of the sports programme.

Coaching the Coaches:

As part of the Enrichment programmes 3rd base have developed ‘Coaching of Coaches” courses which can be accessed by any school as part of the ‘Professional Development’ of their sports coaches. The course will give the participant the basic skill set required to coach the target group and also the confidence to impart this to their teams.

The 3rd base coaching philosophy emphasises the need for coaching the simple things well and providing the ‘right’ environment and opportunities for the athlete to perform the same. This should be the foundation of any good coaching programme.

Spartakiade - Athlete Development