Fee Structure for 3rd base Netball 2011 Winter Season

Welcome to our inaugural Kerikeri netball season 2012.   We are really excited to bring our programme to Kerikeri and it is great that you will be part of it in its first year!

Our netball programme was not part of the ‘plan’ for this year but as there appeared to be a need we decided that it would be a good opportunity to get things going on a small scale.

We will have just the one team in this year and will look at including different grades in next years programme. 

It would have been nice to have started a little bit earlier but the plan is that we will ‘grow’ together as a team and this may take a little while but I am confident from what I have witnessed to date that we have the makings of having a really good first year together.   There will be some ‘adjusting’ by me and the girls in the first few weeks but I think there will be some really good things come out of the season for us all.

As the girls would have already discovered I am a bit of a stickler on doing the small things well.  Catch, pass and run (and run and run and run!)  If we can do this consistently a little better than our opposition then we are always in with a show!

Technique and fitness are the main focus for the first few weeks.  This will create a team environment and will show me and the team those who really are team players.  The aim is to have a star team, not a team of stars!

We will worry about the ‘game plan’ and positions soon but the first few games will be grading rounds and once we know where we are graded we will concentrate on ‘our game.’  Small steps in even smaller time, but it will set up us for next season!


We will be providing the uniforms for the girls for the season.  They are from our teams last year but due to a few ‘hiccups’ things didn’t quite go to plan so you will notice that they have names on them that are not those of the girls!   We have discussed this and we will just go with these and maybe some new nicknames for the season!

The uniforms remain the property of 3rd base and must be returned at the conclusion of the season or there will be an $85.00 replacement charge.


We have set the fees at $95.00 for the season which includes the uniforms and registration fees.  The balance will go towards gear that we may need throughout the season and other costs.

Please note the Registration Fees for the competition are due on the first day of competition, Saturday 28th April.   We require $50.00 to be paid by everyone on or before Thursday 26th May and the balance, $45.00 on or before 24th May.  (If there are any issues or queries with this please contact Karen)                        

Team Gear
We have available team 3rd base Hoodies which we will get samples of shortly.   These may be a great opportunity for some fundraising activities for the team or alternatively if there is anyone who you know that may be interested in sponsorship we would love to talk to them!

Should there be any questions, ideas or suggestions from either the team or parents/caregivers please do not hesitate to contact any of us as below or come up at anytime and discuss theses matters with us.


Marty Le Roy - Head Coach - and everything coaching!
marty@3rdbase.co.nz mob 027 2691674 or (09) 407 5315

Karen Halligan - Deputy ‘Head Coach’ - and everything Financial!
karen@3rdbase.co.nz  mob 0274 426575 or (09) 407 5315

Bruce Lomas - Manager - and everything logistics!
bruce.lomas@xtra.co.nz (09) 401 6264

Winter Netball Registration Form - Download here
Spartakiade - Athlete Development