Alan Fleet


As the sponsor of the Mt Albert Ramblers softball club's T Ball academy I would like to thank you and your team for the high standard of training and presentation that 3rd Base brought to the players and parents involved in the program. 

Watching 80 new players to the sport have such a great time each week learning our favourite game was a real buzz.

From a sponsors view point it is important to have our name connected with excellence and we have been very happy to work with you and the Mt Albert Ramblers club to further the growth of a great sport.

Best regards

Alan Fleet


Denise Lacassie Associate Principal - Kaurilands School


"I am not seeking perfection. It's unattainable. What I am striving for is professional excellence." (Tiger Woods)

The above quote very much sums up how Marty has approached supporting and contributing to our school community through coaching a group of talented senior school students in softball. Marty's commitment to sporting excellence and developing sports at a grass roots level can only be described as a passion. His work at Kaurilands School has been very much appreciated and respected, both by the teachers and students who were selected to participate in his programme. I would highly recommend 3rdbase to any school that wants their sports programme to be one of excellence where their students are exposed to skilled coaching and sporting opportunities.

Denise Lacassie Associate Principal Senior School


Michael Jones


To Whom It May Concern

It is with much pleasure and confidence that I make the following character reference on behalf of Marty Le Roy.
I have known Marty and his family for the past 5 years. Over that period I have had the privilege of observing first hand his passion and enthusiasm for sports, in particular the role of sports as a vehicle for community and youth development.
He is very loyal and committed to everything he holds dear and precious to him, most importantly his family, his community both here in West Auckland and in the Hokianga (his Marae and his Hapu).
He is a product of West Auckland and has represented our region at a number of representative levels. As a prominent sportsman, he has come to appreciate the important life skills that are required as an athlete e.g. diligence and perseverance, team work and individual discipline. It is these same characteristics and values that he is dedicated to installing in the young athletes he works with.
I am pleased that Marty is pursuing an opportunity to serve our community as an advocate for sport development, particularly targeting young New Zealanders who may be slipping through the cracks in our communities in particular those that have potential but for some reason or another, are not realizing that potential.
I appreciate the calibre of person required to serve our community and youth in this regard. I have no doubts that Marty has the potential to succeed in his endeavours and bring positive change in the lives of young New Zealanders.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Jones MNZM.

Eroni Clarke


To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Eroni Clarke. I have been asked to provide a recommendation for Marty Le Roy as we have been friends for several years and I am one who can offer a testimony  on his ability to coach well, communicate effectively and possess the skills to build a strong team and culture.

Marty has a great understanding of sport, and has the passion to excel and drive to succeed and win. He has charisma that is infectious, encourages and motivates those around him. He is caring, brings humour and a lot of fun to his approach.

He has a great love for his family and to see his children reach their potential to see teams win. He has played in team sports from rugby through to softball at a high level.

What more impresses me with Marty is his desire to build self esteem, confidence and character of young people which is missing in today’s society. Sport is one the best vehicles to teach these values.

I strongly recommend Marty for this position and wish him every success in this new role.

Yours Sincerely,

Eroni Clarke
Consultant/Sports Life Coach.


Waitakere Netball


I have known Marty Le Roy of 3rd Base Netball Academy for a period of two years in my capacity as General Manager of Netball Waitakere.

Marty has an infectious enthusiastic attitude to sport, and in particular the application of ‘excellence’ to the acquisition of a very good skill base by his young charges.

Marty has indicated his intention to set up a Netball Academy for the purpose of developing a good skill base and knowledge of the game tactics amongst those who attend.
Netball Waitakere is fully supportive of this intention as it can only be of benefit to the sport we are both striving to promote.

We wish him every success in his endeavours.

Eleanor Simmons
General Manager
Netball Waitakere

Auckland Softball Association


I am writing on behalf of the Auckland Softball Association board to confirm our support for Marty Le Roy and 3rd base.

The Association has recently reviewed its strategic direction and found that in order to promote growth in softball, more emphasis is required on the coaching and developmental aspects of the game.

Historically coaching and development in Auckland softball has suffered largely due to a lack of funding, resources, and capable administration. We have worked hard to combat those issues and are confident that our current administration and board have the proficiency to move forward.

Part of our vision is to work in partnership with 3rd Base to maximise growth through efficiencies. Their philosophy, values, and professional approach to the marketing and development of softball for all abilities is exciting. It is on that basis that the ASA is looking forward to establishing and fostering a working partnership with 3rd Base.

We are confident that our alliance with 3rd Base will add value to our Association and wish them every success in their endeavours.

Yours faithfully
Huni Yerkovich
Operations & Development Manager
Auckland Softball Association Inc.

Softball New Zealand


Kia Ora Marty

On behalf of Softball New Zealand, I would like to express our support to you for the formation of your 3rd Base Fastpitch Softball Academy that is based in Auckland.

The goals that you have set for the development of softball through your academy are similar to our principal objectives of growing the game. We are more than happy to support your programme and wish you every success with this initiative.

Congratulations on the work you have done so far. It looks very impressive. Your enthusiasm and motivation are admirable and we wish you the best of luck for this venture.

Yours in softball

Naomi Shaw
Softball New Zealand – National Director of Coaching

Spartakiade - Athlete Development