Our view on coaching

Most team sports are based on simple movements and plays. It is the individual and ultimately the team that best execute these tasks that will generally have the most ‘success’. The junior under 10 athlete will be shown basic skills and techniques in their chosen sport that will be part of their training regime throughout their career. Many of these basic skills will be practiced and critiqued 1000’s of times and through this training/work ethic will blossom the intermediate and ultimately the senior athlete. Keeping things simple and enjoyable and not overcomplicating them is key to both delivery as a coach and understanding and implementation as an athlete. Most games are fairly basic, move, catch and pass.

At 3rd base our vision is to allow each person at each stage the best opportunity to accomplish this goal regardless of what their final destination may be. To play for the class, school or club team or strive for provincial or national honours. We at 3rd base will provide the opportunity for them to achieve their goal.

The application of excellence through sound, professional coaching, management and development applications should not be reserved for the ‘high performance’ athlete but for all participants so that they can be allowed the opportunity to be the best that they can be. This is what 3rd base will provide. Being taught the basic fundamentals well and then practicing them properly until they become second nature is the key to any success as an athlete. The ‘game’ is the same for the 10 year old as it is for the 25 year old. The basic techniques being taught and practiced for the 10 year old should be the same as for the 25 year old. The 25 year old has just had many more practice sessions and games and does everything a ‘little’ quicker a little more precise.

We believe in providing a safe, professional, structured and fun environment that will allow the opportunity for the participant to increase their level of excellence both as an athlete and as a person.

‘kaha tangata, kaha toa, kaha iwi’ – ‘strong person, strong athlete, strong community

Spartakiade - Athlete Development