Pitcher/Catcher Clinics

Based on the Softball New Zealand Pitcher & Catcher Development Pathways and Age Group Skills check list, the 3rd base Pitcher/Catcher Clinics are focused on offering the athlete the opportunity to develop the fundamental skills and understanding required to play in these ‘key’ positions.  

Our clinics cater for the transition stage from T-Ball through to those with aspirations of either playing premier grade or those who are already playing at a senior level and everyone in between and beyond.   These groups have been identified as the following through the SNZ Development Pathways:





Pre Teens

12yrs & under

Rookie Sox


Early Teens

13 & 14yrs old

Raw Sox

2+ yrs experience in the position

Mid Teens

15 & 16yrs old

Emerging Sox

4+ yrs experience in the position

Late Teens

17 – 19 yrs old

Silver Sox

6+ yrs experience in the position


20+ years

Sox 20+

8+ yrs experience in the position

3rd base have, in conjunction with the SNZ Pathways and 100’s of hours of ‘hands on’ involvement in softball, identified areas that we believe need particular focus in order to develop the Pitchers and Catchers of the future.

The Programme is structured so as to accommodate the age and skill level of the athlete and incorporates the recommended SNZ skill sets.

This is a unique opportunity to receive professional, structured coaching at ‘grass routes’ level.

Please complete Contact details on our Home Page and we will send through the Registration form for you to complete and return to us.

Note: These clinics are for Pitcher/Catchers and as such it is expected that participants will come in pairs.  If you are unable to find a Pitcher or Catcher to attend with you please advise us ASAP so that we can make arrangements to accommodate.

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