Training Clinics Programme

“Games are won at practice”




Learning the basic skills from an early age in sport is crucial to the development of the athlete.  Developing the correct skills and executing them accurately and consistently will bring enjoyment and advancement of the player.   Our Training Programmes have been developed to address this area within the ‘amateur’ sports environment and in particular focusing on youth.   Our clinics provide an opportunity for all participants to learn the basic foundations and understanding of how to play the game at grass routes level through high quality coaching.   This is achieved through:

  1. Professional delivery of structured programmes by experienced sports people
  2. High-Skill level development - 3rd base has the capacity to develop participants skill levels to compete at all levels
  3. Access to high-calibre sports professionals by athlete and parents

The skills, taught and the development of these skills by the player are only as good as those who are providing the coaching.  The 3rd base programme has been designed to address the basic foundations and requirements and then adapted to suit the age and ability of the participants as required.   

Our coaching incorporates many of the guidelines set out by Softball New Zealand and our coaches are current or past premier division players or coaches with a passion for ‘the game’.   Both Softball New Zealand and Auckland Softball Association support our programme and vision.

3rdbase and Easton/The Dugout have formed a partnership targeting the development of softball through all grades with particular focus on youth development, training and coaching which will provide all participants involved in our programmes access to top quality gear and training aids.

Programme structure:
8 weeks
1 session per week
1hr 15mins length
Maximum of 10 persons per session

Programme content:  Specific to each clinic but will include:         

  1. Technique, skill work
  2. Bio Mechanics (Physical actions required to perform required tasks)
  3. Learn how to prepare as well as play the game
  4. Developing attitude and self belief
  5. Understanding your role within the team
  6. Guest coaches

What to bring:    All personal training gear – gloves, indoor shoes, catching gear (for catchers), bat (if have one), full drink bottle and a ‘positive attitude’

Indemnity: Whilst 3rd base will take every precaution to provide a safe, hazard free environment, due to the nature of our programmes we accept no responsibility for: (1) injury, illness or death to any participant, visitor, invitee or attendee (2) loss, theft or damage to or of any personal belongings (3) any matter or thing beyond the control of 3rd base Limited.

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